All Right, All Ready… We All Shine On!

21 Nov

Hello 🙂

Welcome to the Shine on Wellness Blog!  It’s a work in progress so “pardon our dust” as they say.  Here you will find interesting nutrition information, favorite recipes, and hopefully a little bit of inspiration.

We believe that every person has an innate light that is just begging to shine.  Unfortunately our busy lives, social and cultural beliefs, and a lot of times negative self image have a tendency to dim that light.  When we feel suppressed the tendency is to seek out other ways to soothe and “nurture” ourselves.  Food is often the comfort of choice, but it generally has the opposite effect.  The things we eat and drink to feel better temporarily often let us down in the long run, and lead to physical symptoms in addition to the emotional discomfort we already felt.

Shine On Wellness health coaching programs address the whole picture.  We work from the outside (through nutrition and exercise) in (through confidence building and removing emotional blocks to wellness) to help women achieve their health and fitness goals.   We look forward to helping you on your journey to wellness!!

Let your outside reflect how good you feel inside and…SHINE ON!!




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