Tis the Season for Getting Healthy!!

30 Nov

Happy Holidays From Shine On Wellness

I know it sounds a bit counterintuitive, but the Holidays can be the perfect time to begin your personal path to wellness.  Start with these simple tips to make the most of this special time of year.

  1. Break out the greenery!  And I don’t mean just the Christmas tree.  When you sit down to those giant holiday meals, make sure you incorporate some greens.  It is especially effective to eat them first as it leaves less room for the unhealthier options.  (Like the delicious Green Bean Casserole recipe below!)
  2. Drink as much as you want!!…Water that is.  I can’t stress enough the importance of hydration, especially if you do enjoy a cocktail or two.  Drinking water promotes better digestion, detoxification and also helps you feel less hungry.  Drink plenty of water before (especially before!) and after meals and just little sips if any while you eat for optimal absorption and digestion purposes.
  3. Give Presence, not just gifts.  Take the time to really appreciate the holidays and everything that comes with them.  When you see your family and friends ask them how they are doing and really (I mean REALLY) listen to their response.  Sometimes just listening provides a gift beyond measure…try it and you will see what I mean!!
  4. Relax.  We all know the holidays can be a stressful time, and also a time where the focus is on everyone and everything else.  Don’t forget about Numero Uno!!  If possible do something special for yourself to help you relax.  Maybe schedule a massage (Massage therapy schools are a great way to get an affordable massage and you are also helping another person learn!  Talk about a Win-Win!!)  if a massage isn’t your thing, take a bath, take a walk, do some yoga or whatever else that makes you happy, but DO SOMETHING FOR YOU!!!
  5. Indulge…and don’t feel guilty.  This one is important. The holidays are a time when we are surrounded by delicious food and drink.  If you are going to indulge, do it but do it conciously.  If you want a piece of pie by all means eat it, but eat it slowly and really appreciate all of the work that went into making it, all of the delicious flavor, and all of the intricacies of the texture and taste.  Be just as present with your food as you are with your family (see tip #3) and that pie will be more flavorful and more satisfying than any you have tasted before!  After you have eaten don’t feel the least bit guilty. Forget about it, move on and start fresh the next day!

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