Snack Attack!!!!

4 Jan

I really hate to waste fruits and veggies, so I  usually end up juicing whatever is left in the fridge after a week or so to consume it before it goes bad.  Apparently I have been quite efficient in my shopping/eating this week because all I had to choose from was a lonely little bunch of kale.  Don’t get me wrong I love me some Kale, but the juice alone reminds me too much of wheat grass (pardon me while I dry heave).  I remembered that someone had mentioned Kale chips, which I have been meaning to try for quite some time.  If I only knew how easy they were to make, I may have been less intimidated….So for those of you that need a simple way to add more greens to your diet, or if you are a salty snack -aholic like myself, I highly encourage you to try this recipe.  These suckers are toooooo good!!


Kale Chips

1 TBS Olive Oil

1 Bunch Kale

sprinkling of salt or other spices you might enjoy


1)Heat oven to 350 degrees

2)wash and de-stem Kale (make sure it is fully dry- you may want to use a salad spinner if available)

3)tear Kale into bit size pieces and drizzle with olive oil (I did this in a large bowl to really coat the Kale)

4)Scatter onto an un-insulated cookie sheet and sprinkle with seasonings

5) 12-15 min in the oven until slightly brown
and….BOOM goes the DYNAMITE!!!!!  Commence snack fest 2012!!!


One Response to “Snack Attack!!!!”

  1. Minnie Fontes January 22, 2012 at 10:33 pm #

    These are awesome! I used them to top a rather boring salad and it was the perfect crunch and salty.

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