Coke, Pepsi, Hershey and the National Dairy Council Want to Give You Nutritional Advice

27 Jan

I came across an article this morning regarding a push for monopolization by the American Dietetic Association.  In a nutshell, the ADA is lobbying for laws that allow only those recognized as registered dieticians to practice key nutrition services.  We are led to believe that organizations such as the ADA have our best interests in mind and are doing this to protect people from unqualified practitioners.  I wish that was the true motivation.  In this case the ADA is simply trying to eliminate all competition so that dieticians can experience greater profits, and so they can continue to preach the guidelines of an organization that is backed by a number of large unhealthy food and beverage manufacturers (see previous post…A picture is worth a thousand words) as well as pharmaceutical companies.  So basically seeing a dietician is equivalent to asking a drug rep if what they sell is going to help you or the CEO of a soft drink manufacturer if their beverages are part of a balanced diet.  As long as it drives profits, then the answer is always yes.

This doesn’t apply to all dieticians, as I do believe that some see through the profit driven corporate structure and use their credentials for the greater good.  And the one’s who don’t…it’s not their fault.  They go into the profession thinking that they are going to help people without realizing that the information they receive is potentially biased and flawed.  They probably go to very reputable institutions, and believe they are getting an education that can save millions of lives.  If they never think to ask where the information is coming from, who funds the studies that are presented, or what other options are available, then all they can do is go with what they know.

I encourage you to think about you options regarding nutrition advice and more importantly do your own research.  I am happy to answer any questions, and always do my best to get all sides of the story.  Take the time to read the full article here.





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